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ITAM 19th Call fof Paper - 2018. 2. 2 ~ 5
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 19th International Conference on IT Applications and Management 

Theme: Intelligence Technology for Business Innovation, 

e-Learning, and Hypermodern Tourism

February 2 ~ 5, 2018 

Host and venue: University of Danang, VNUK, Danang, Vietnam

In Partnership with Korea-Vietnam Friendship IT College and Dong-A University, Danang, Vietnam

Supported by Korea Database Society, Korea Database Agency? 



The International Conference on IT Applications and Management (ITAM) is an international forum for researchers and experts designed to exchange research knowledge on advances in the state of the art and application of information technology and management. Submissions of high quality papers are invited for peer review.

The main theme of the 19th ITAM conference (ITAM-19 at VNUK) is “Intelligence Technology for Business Innovation, e-Learning, and Hypermodern Tourism.” This covers the emergence of intelligent society and its influence on social systems, especially in rapid growth areas such as tourism in Asia. An affiliated symposium on “The Future of Asia” (at Korea-VN IT College) deals with international collaboration issues in education, management and culture. Post-conference events (Feb. 4th~6th) include visits to important industrial & historical locations in Danang (Forbes- “1 of the most attractive beaches on the planet.”) and UNESCO heritage ancient HoiAn village. 


Topics for the submission include but are not limited to:

·      Education, Intelligent Society & Civilization of the Future

·      Design and Management of Intelligence Technology (e.g. IoT)

·      e-Tourism and Technological Evolution

·      Smart data management systems

·      Intelligent Info System (A.I., Nanotech, Game Tech...)

·      Intelligent DBS (data mining, data warehouse, big data, ....)

·      Intelligent IT Applications (e-learning, e-healthcare, mobility, etc.)

·      Data Quality, Security and Privacy

·      Data Analytics and Big Data

·      Industry 4.0, Industrial Ecosystem & Future Economy

·      Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

·      Design Thinking for Value Creation

·      Technology and Organizational collaboration

·      International Collaboration and Technology

·      E-learning of languages, & teacher training



Prospective authors should submit 6-10 pages of manuscript electronically.

Submitted papers should follow ITAM paper format in double-column.

Acceptance will be notified based on peer review.

Affiliated journals to ITAM conference include

Journal of IT Applications and Management (KCI listed).

Asia Journal of Information and Communication (KISDI publication)

Int’l J. of Operations and Quantitative Management (Scopus listed)


Selected papers will be considered in a special issue of affiliated journals.

Submission : kdbs@kdbs.or.kr, njcho@hanyang.ac.kr, ProfessorSeanWatts@gmail.com,  

Submission guidelines are at:  http://www.kdbs.or.kr, http://sites.google.com/view/itamonline & https://goo.gl/SsTEXQ 


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