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발표자료1: 기조강연.A 세션_16th ITAM-2016.6.22-24
글쓴이: 관리자
조회: 1296
등록시간: 2016-08-24 10:26:03


*  Innovation for Creating a Smart Society3

Dr. Sang M. Lee (University Eminent Scholar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)


Session A1 : Woman in IT

- Online User’s Multi-dimensional Agency: an empirical study of Wikipedia

Yusun Jung, Ned Kock (Singapore/USA)

- Value Co-creation in Crowdsourcing: The Effects of Social Networks on
Product Co-development Project Success

Hyelim Oh, Animesh Animesh, Alain Pinsonneault (Canada, Singapore)


Session A2 : KrAIS

-  The Impact of IT Service Provider Switches on XBRL Quality

Jee-Hae Lim, Tawei Wang (Canada)

- Does Context Matter for Information Privacy Concerns?
Integration of Empirical Research Findings

Gwanhoo Lee, Haejung Yun, Dan J. Kim (USA)

- Diffusing Portability and Mobility Constructs into Media Synchronicity Theor

Kyungsub Stephen Choi (USA)


Session A3 : KrAIS

-  Customers’ Complaint Behavior on Social Media:
Individualism versus Collectivism

Kerstin Luidold, Dong Back Seo, Christian Schl?gl (Austria)

- Analyzing the Spillover Roles of User-Generated Online Product
Reviews on Purchases: Evidence from Clickstream Data

Young Kwark, Gene Moo Lee, Paul A. Pavlou, Liangfei Qiu (USA)

- Developing a Scale for Ren Orientation

Bernard Lee, Oliver H. M. Yau (Hongkong)



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