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ITAM 17th Call fof Paper - 2017. 2. 22-24
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The International Conference on IT Applications and Management (ITAM) is an international forum for researchers and industry experts to exchange information regarding advances in the state of the art and application of information technology and management. Submissions of high quality papers are invited.

Topics for the submission include but are not limited to:
- Industry 4.0
- Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- Intelligent Society and civilization of the future
- Design and Management of Intelligence Technology
- Industrial ecosystem for Future Economy
- Transformation of Social Value in the Digital World
- Creative Industry with IT Applications
- e-Tourism and Technological Evolution
- Data Quality, Security and Privacy
- Data, Culture, and Humanities
- Technology and the Quality of Human Life
- Design Thinking for Value Creation
- Technology and Organizational collaboration
- International Collaboration and Technology



The written and spoken language of ITAM-17 is English.

Prospective authors should submit 6-10 pages of manuscript electronically.
The submitted paper should follow ITAM paper format guideline in double-column. 

Electronic submission to: njcho@hanyang.ac.kr or kdbs@kdbs.or.kr.
The submission guideline is available from http://www.kdbs.or.kr.

Affiliated journals to ITAM conference include
Journal of IT Applications and Management (JITAM) (KCI listed).
Asia Journal of Information and Communication (KISDI publication)
Int’l J. of Operations and Quantitative Management (Scopus listed)?


Important Dates

Jan 10, 2017 : Abstract due
Feb 22~24, 2017 : The Conference, ITAM-17
Feb 22~24, 2017 : The Conference, ITAM-17


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이전글 : JITAM 제 23권 2호(2016년 6월 발행) 논문 목차 안내